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highly effective high-speed adjuster with unique design at the TTX Flow DV. Ohlins high-speed adjuster is efficiently targeting position, stroking velocity, g-force hold up and bottoming control. Additionally, we have progressed further on comfort and traction through the introduction of a new rebound needle and shaft jet design, which give significant improvements. Furthermore, a new compression valve interface allowing for a more comfortable character on our products.

Öhlins MX & Enduro shock absorbers are delivered with spring.

The correct spring for the riders weight must be told at time of th  order. Information regarding the suitable spring series as well as recommendations for the spring rate can be found in the product details and in the mounting instructions.

Adjustment Possibilities

  • Low speed rebound damping
  • Low speed compression damping
  • High speed compression damping
  • Spring preload


Purchased Parts Package

  • Shock absorber TTX Flow DV
  • Spring (select for riders weight, see mounting instruction)
  • Owners manual and mounting instruction

Additional Options

Mechanical spring preload adjusters are available as an additional option to change the sag quick and easy using an 8mm Allen key. Without the preload adjuster the spring preload can be adjusted with c spanners (not in the purchased parts package).