base gaskets for 4-Strokes


TM Racing genuine base gaskets for 4-Strokes. Base gaskets for all 4-Stroke models and years.

Available for 250cc / 250Fi / 400cc / 450cc / 450Fi / 530cc / 660cc machines in thicknesses of 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.6mm.

Note: some 4-Stroke machines may require more than one base gasket to achieve the required cylinder height.

Early 2000>2003 model 250/400 machines original paper base gaskets have been now superseded with the ‘F05815’ range and once again with the F05843 range.  Please note changes to codes relating to thickness of base gaskets F05815 in relation to F05843.

All models 250F – 400F – 450F/Fi – 530F/Fi – 600F – 660F (Not 250Fi / 300Fi )

F05843.1 (F05815.1) – (0.3mm) – F05843.2 (F05815.2) – (0.4mm)- F05843.3 (F05815.3) – (0.5mm) – F05843.4 (F05185.4) – (0.6mm) –

All 250Fi / 300Fi Models –  ‘single pipe’ :

F05837.1 (0.3mm)  – F05837.2 (0.4mm) – F05837.3 (0.5mm) – F05837.4 (0.6mm)

All 250 Fi / 300Fi  ‘twin pipe’  :

F05856.1 (0.3mm) – F05856.2 (0.4mm) – F05856.3 (0.5mm) – F05856.4 (0.6mm)