Arrow Dual Supermoto Titanium Exhaust System

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Arrow system provides excellent power, sound and aesthetics. Full titanium construction with titanium link pipes and silencers, with a carbon endcap. This system features a wideband O2 bung and has a short, steel, split collector. The remainder of the system is titanium. 

Arrow Supermoto Twin Systems series exhausts are designed and developed to be used in Supermotard competitions, matching high performance and the needs of single-cylinder engines used for supermoto. Fitting these exhausts on bikes designed to use a single-silencer exhaust requires some modifications to the bike to make room for the left silencer and its link pipe. Modifications required depend on the bike itself, but usually it is expected to make some changes on the airbox, on the left side plastic fairing and, in some applications, to the tail section of the frame. Alternative brackets may need to be made.