Radial clutch slipper clutch Supermoto


Why should you choose
Radial Clutch Dispositivo Antisaltellamento ?
-revent rear wheel lock-up on braking and loss of grip 
-Facilitate braking and eases corner entry 
-Allow simultaneous downshifting of multiple gears without using the clutch lever 
-Adjust the incidence of engine brake in 4-strokes at will 
-Constant and precise lubrication of clutch plates -Extend clutch plate and oil maintenance schedules 
-Customization and setting of the Radial Clutch -Make the start from stop phase easy Simple installation
How does it work?
The thrust is triggered by means of steel ramps that can be removed and easily replaced by others of the same design but with different inclinations. These inclinations allow the triggering time to be managed.
The innovative and decisive element of the device is a pair of rocker arms that fits as a dynamic third party ,creating a dynamic filter on the backwards torque management.
Their work promotes distribution over a (variable) time, backwards torque, causing the peaks (WHEEL BLOCKING) to become a progressive curve.
The engine will no longer rise toward maximum rpm, but will rise steadily, turning this force into deceleration. This behavior is particularly appreciated in driving, even in downshifts of several gears,
where the speed of the used gear would not be adequate for the number of engine revolutions.